Why Say Clean for commercial cleaning services?

Why Say Clean?

1- Communication is key in service

You will always have the option to communicate your concern and needs from the very beginning of your interaction with us and after signing on with our services. Because SayClean is local we provide our customers with great care. Our representatives call within days of the first walk through to answer all your questions. We make sure our customers are taken care of  whether it’s over the phone, text, or email. Lastly, Sayclean checks in every month with each of our customers making sure our services meet the standard.

2- Quality Commercial Cleaning services providers

Our employee onboarding program finds and systematically trains our professional cleaning staff to assure our high cleaning standards. Each of our cleaning professionals are provided with high-tech filtration vacuums and microfiber products that can achieve a more thorough removal of dust, pollen, and allergens.

3- Consistency of service each and every time

Business and offices sometimes tend to have experienced a service in the past being very thorough during the first month or two then the quality begins to decline. At Say Clean we train our employees to practice consistancy in services each clean is done with utmost care and detail. We take the extra steps to ensure every service is carried out in a strategic manner resulting in quality cleaning each visit.

Everyday use Janitorial Supplies

Say Clean can deliver and restock products all while offering a great deal of savings. 
(Toilet Paper – Hand Towels – Paper Towels – Soap Refill – Toilet Seat Covers, and more…)

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