Things to consider about Vacation Rental Cleaning Services

Staying in a home while on vacation as opposed to a hotel has its benefits and is growing in popularity. Staying in a home allows you and your family to settle in, prepare your own meals, and experience your destination often on a much more intimate level. While guests are on vacation in a home, they still expect in many ways a “hotel experience” and your cleaning needs to reflect that. Fresh linens, towels, toiletries, all of these things need to be in taken care of in order to provide the best possible experience for your guests. In this article we will discus Vacation Rental Cleaning Services. What should these service offer and what should you be looking for when selecting a cleaning service for your rental.

Important things to consider:

  • What is the turnover rate for the rental? If there is a week in between occupants then there is a large window for providing the cleaning services. If the guests check out and new guests arrive same day then the cleaning services needs to be planned out very strategically.
  • How will you manage linens and towels? Is there laundry on site, or will you be using a laundry service? If there is a short time window in between check in and check outs will there be enough time to do the laundry on site? Providing too many towels will create excess laundry and is also something to consider.
  • How will you manage the supplies? Not just cleaning supplies, but shampoo, soap, and other toiletries. It is important that everything is always stocked, the last thing you want is your guests running out of basic necessities!
  • What type of guests will be staying at your rental? If they are long term guests it may be important to provide a regular cleaning during their stay. If large groups are staying at the rental, excessive cleanup may be required which could involve additional cleaning fees.

Vacation Rental Cleaning is a different type of service from a regular home cleaning or housekeeping service. Your cleaning service needs to be in line with the overall experience you plan on providing for your guests. Higher end rentals will attract guests that will expect a different experience than more affordable rental options. It is important to ask questions when considering different cleaning companies and to be prepared for everything that comes with providing a vacation rental. Running a vacation rental is not easy, but if you do your due diligence and find the right cleaning company for your rental, at least that aspect of the process can be hands off.

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