Introducing SayClean Stickies

Sticky notes that never let a much needed area go unnoticed & helps enhance your overall cleaning

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Welcome to the SayClean Family!

We hope SayClean Stickies will be a visual communication tool that helps you and our team. Our goal is to ensure you the highest quality of cleaning and we believe the Stickies will help us get there.

What are Stickies?

Sticky notes that you are encouraged to place on an area that needs extra attention.  We know we are not perfect, but we see SayClean Stickies helping us get there.

How do I use them?

Use them at your discretion to indicate an area you would like to be more thoroughly cleaned. Feel free to write instructions on the note to indicate anything specific.

How many do I get?

Each month you will be provided one Say Clean Sticky per clean that you have scheduled for that month. (weekly service= 4 stickies per month)

Can they go anywhere?

We do have some exceptions… inside of refrigerator, inside of oven, inside of dishwashers, hard to reach windows, intricate chandeliers, barbecues, ect.


Where can I put them?

On a window, a slider, a mirror, a baseboard, blind/shutter

What is the best way to place them?

Write a short description of what you are looking for and put them in clear sight!

How can I get more if I run out?

We drop them off regularly, but if you’re running low please request more!

How many can I place around my house?

You can put several out around your home as needed, but be mindful! The purpose and intent is to point out areas that may have been overlooked. If you are putting out too many we are not doing our job!

Where am I not allowed to put them?

Please do not put them in places that are outside the scope of our service or in places that are services offered for an additional cost
-Examples of outside the scope: chandeliers, garage, outdoor furniture, kids toys, pet beds
-Examples of services for an additional cost: Inside of refrigerator, inside of oven, multiple windows

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