Residential Cleaning Service – What to Check and Why

Coming home to a house that’s clean and comfortable gives us all a wonderful feeling. Residential Cleaning Service is here :). Your home isn’t just your sanctuary, it’s also a direct representation of your lifestyle. One look at your house will show a guest a great deal about you and your family. It is not possible for everyone to give time from your busy day. If you really want to hire a good residential cleaning service then you need to check whether or not they have experienced cleaners. Regardless of what information the company provides you with, the only way to truly find out if the cleaners are experienced is to have them clean your home.

Things to determine while hiring a Residential Cleaning Service:

  1. Estimate Cost
  2. Estimate Time
  3. Payment Gateways
  4. Cleaning Checklist
  5. Appointment Setting

These are few things you need to check first while hiring the cleaning crew. At the end of the day, your cleaning company should be making life easier for you. After all, the reason they are coming out in the first place is typically because you do not have time to clean or simply would rather do something else with your free time.

Estimate Cost: Take few minutes to determining the cost for cleaning crew. Make sure to determine whether they charge hourly or for full job done. Whether they charge in advance or after the cleaning done.

Estimate Time: Make a call or appointment and check for the timing i.e. in how much time it will be done. It makes the process much more convenient when a cleaning company is able to provide an estimate over the phone or email.

Payment Gateways: Check whether the company accepts online payment, checks, credit card or direct cash payment. A company with more payment gateways allows you more flexibility and convenience.

Cleaning Checklist: Ask for a cleaning checklist! Also, make a list of all things you want special attention placed upon.

Appointment Setting: Make sure to schedule your appointment so that you can be home while the cleaners are there. Not only will you be able to meet the people who will be cleaning your home, but you can show them around the house and point out specific areas of that are important to you. Does the company send an email or text message confirming the appointment? This is an important feature! 

Final Words: These are the things to consider while determining the best residential cleaning service for your home. If all this is being done, then paying a premium shouldn’t be an issue. After all, your personal time should never have a price attached to it. If you are looking to save some money however, ask your cleaning company if they offer discounts for referring neighbors! It’s a win-win.   

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