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4 Reasons to Have Clean and Well-Maintained Fire Exits

Fire exits are a genuine lifesaver for people in a burning building. It provides a way to get out and away from the flames and smoke. However, having a cluttered and dirty fire exit doesn’t bode well for anyone trying to escape the fire. 

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining a building, a fire exit may often go overlooked. However, they deserve just as much care and attention, if not more. Here are a couple of reasons why:

Make It Noticeable During Emergencies

Having a fire exit’s door blocked and seemingly barricaded will make it hard for civilians to know where they can and need to go during a fire emergency. Making a fire exit clean and easily noticeable to people can mean the difference for their safety and lives. 

Remove anything that might be concealing the door to people. It’ll also help to clean the signs once in a while or to possibly install new ones that will be brighter. Those few tips will help make the fire exit much more eye-catching, relieving panic when it’s finally spotted. 

Have a Quick and Secure Pathway

The thing about an evacuation is that everyone is going as fast as they can to get somewhere secure. Old water bottles, dust, candy wrappers, and all sorts of junk can be a hurdle, and having someone trip down the steps of a fire exit is the last thing we want during an emergency.

Remove anything that’s standing in the way of people. You never know when the fire exit will be used, so it’s better to be safe than sorry by preparing the pathway and ensuring that people will be able to sprint through the aisles, down the stairs, and out of the building. 

Get a Clear Route to Safety

A fire exit and its route in the building are generally made from fire-resistant material. However, you’ll never know if there’s any flammable material just lying around and waiting to catch fire when the building is ablaze. 

Avoid the anxiety and stress by inspecting and cleaning it of any dirt or objects for that reason. That way, there’s nothing prone to catching fire and furthering panic more when people get into the fire exit.

Earn Good Reputation

The last reason for having a proper and problem-free fire exit would probably be keeping a good reputation among building visitors. Can you imagine how horrifying it’d be to hear from someone that they couldn’t leave during the emergency because of an inaccessible and dirty fire exit?

Include the fire exit in the list of areas that need to be properly cleaned and maintained, from the door to every turn and crevice. Setting a schedule and having a good fire exit will not just help civilians in a fire emergency but also roughly ensure that the building has a good reputation.


To sum it up, a clean and well-maintained fire exit is just absolutely necessary when the building is in flames. It can mean life and death for many people, and it’s any owner’s responsibility to ensure that safety is prioritized.

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