Our Professional Cleaning Services Vs. Unlicensed Individual

Scrolling through sites like Craigslist and checking out local Laguna Beach and Newport Beach classifieds can help you find a job, rent a house, and even hire a housekeeper these days. When deciding between using a professional cleaning service, like SayClean, or an unlicensed individual there are many factors to consider. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your choice.



When selecting a cleaning service one of the benefits of using a professional business is that they come fully insured. If one of their employees injures themselves while on the job at your house or a light fixture gets broken, insurance will cover it. There will be no hassle for you if you use a fully insured cleaning service. On the other hand if your hire Linda from Craigslist there are no guarantees. If she breaks something in your home you can request compensation, but she can refuse. This leads to a headache for you! Call SayClean today and avoid the unnecessary hassle of an amateur.

Piece of mind


When you invite a stranger into your home from a classified ad you have no idea who this person is. Laguna Beach is a wonderful, safe place to call home but you never know if someone may be misrepresenting themselves. Hiring a professional cleaning service comes with professional employees. Many times employees go through a hiring process and even a background check before being allowed to work in homes. This leads to more piece of mind for you knowing that you have trusted staff working on your vacation rental or home.

Proven track record


We are in the age of technology. When you’re looking for a new restaurant in Newport Beach or a new nail salon in Laguna Beach what do you do? You Google it or check out Yelp reviews. Why wouldn’t you want to do the same for your cleaning service? Being able to read reviews from others and check on the reputation of a company is a perk of hiring professionals. If you decide to go with an unproven individual you not only put yourself and home at risk, but you have no idea what kind of service you will receive. Don’t risk a bad cleaning, at the very least, by hiring a novice.

Damage and theft


You have spent years picking out the perfect pieces for your home, from the hand made rug in the living room to the expensive art piece in your entrance hall. If any of your possessions were to be damaged you would be devastated, right? Professionals, like SayClean, handle a variety of properties and assets on a daily basis. When you hire an uninsured stranger you leave your home vulnerable to theft as well as damage. This can once again be a huge problem for you and can even end in a court date. If you are looking for trustworthy, careful, and reliable service don’t hire an unproven individual.

When choosing a cleaning service for your Laguna Beach home opt for the professionals at SayClean. We will provide an excellent cleaning with no hassle to you. Steer clear of unlicensed individuals to avoid damage, theft, and incomplete cleanings. Always keep in mind you get what you pay for, and the lure of a discount individual can lead to many more costs down the line. Get it done right the first time with SayClean!

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