Handrail of a staircase in a home

Why Pay Attention to Your Building’s Stairs and Have Them Cleaned

It is easy to pay attention to the things we always use in a commercial building, like the toilet seats or the desks and chairs. However, despite the daily usage, the stairs and the handrails are barely noticeable! 

In today’s time, where cleanliness and sanitation are the number one source of people’s comfort and security, it is crucial that a building that entertains a massive group of people daily level up their commercial cleanliness in all aspects. That includes paying attention to the building stairs that people touch and use every single day!

Why Clean Your Building Stairs

The building stairs are like your light switches and doorknobs that always come into contact with hands multiple times a day. However, unlike the two mentioned things, they do not get the regular cleaning they should get.

The handrails and stairs are home to various bacteria and germs—and if you do not want to spread them to the rest of the place, it would be best to keep them clean and well-maintained throughout. 

The Benefits of Having a Clean and Sanitised Building Stairs 

The stairs are not the first things that people see. After all, they are just the alternative to the fully booked elevator or the occupied escalators! However, keeping them clean has its benefits too. 

Here are some of the advantages that your commercial building would get if you also include the stairs in your priority cleaning list. 

1. You Are Safer From Viruses and Germs

As mentioned earlier, the handrails and the steps of a commercial building are some of the areas that receive the most traffic and, therefore, more bacteria and germs. People touch the handrails every time, and all shoes from outdoors step on the stairs now and then. Regular cleaning prevents the virus from spreading out fast and keeps the dirt contained and removed! It protects everyone from the COVID-19 virus and from other allergens that could bring hypersensitivities to people. 

2. Your Environment Just Got Safer

The staircase can get slippery, too, especially during rainy days and the winter season. Allotting regular cleaning for this area helps prevent accidents from occurring. After all, having someone break their limbs due to your building’s stairs is the last thing you would want to happen!

Forgetting to check your staircase could also lead to other problems, such as broken handrails and steps that could lead to injury later. Keeping an eye on this part of the building could stop this from happening.


Not everyone pays attention to the staircase because it is not visible to the eyes all the time. The chore is also not fun at all! Imagine having a thirty-story building; no one would want to clean the stairs of a building like that manually, let alone do it frequently in a day! However, it is an important task to do, especially when people’s health and safety are at stake. 

Seeking the help of professional cleaners can make this task simpler and faster to accomplish. They know of the best methods and the quality cleaning materials to make this job possible. 

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