The Orange County Importance of a Good Initial Home Cleaning

Whether you have owned your home for a long time or are just moving to Laguna Beach, cleaning can be an important part of up keep on your investment. Thoroughly cleaning your home frequently can help to reduce allergens, germs, and dirt and grime that over time can damage surfaces. Choosing a company that will meticulously clean your home as if it were their own is the best place to start. SayClean can offer extensive cleaning services with a myriad of perks. When you choose to work with SayClean you can expect all of these benefits:

• Over the phone estimates
• Affordable, fair pricing
• Expertly trained staff
• Attention to detail (especially as we get to know your home better over time)
• Easy scheduling around your busy life
• Same day availability
• We are licensed, bonded, and insured

When you decide to work with SayClean the easiest way to get an estimate for your home is over the phone. We can most times very accurately give you a home cleaning estimate over the phone with information like how many square feet your home is, how many rooms you are interested in having cleaned, and which rooms are most occupied.

With the initial cleaning, we will give your house a complete walk through of the areas you wish to be cleaned. The first cleaning helps us to understand your home and specific needs. We will learn the different surfaces in your home from marble countertops and carpet to hardwood floors, our team will create a cleaning plan perfect for your residence. Every home is unique, square footage, materials, and décor only begin to define a home. Our team of cleaning experts have years of experience in dealing with many types of homes and can clean just about anything!

At SayClean we pride ourselves on our efficiency and attention to detail. The initial home cleaning acts as a “get to know you” period for our cleaners and your home. With each additional cleaning, we will be able to clean your home quicker, while still being able to pay attention to the important small details.

SayClean offers many different cleaning plans, including weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options to keep your home constantly clean. We also offer vacation rental and real estate cleanings on top of your primary residence. We can tackle just about any job in a timely manner with satisfaction guaranteed. To schedule your initial cleaning give us a call today for a free phone estimate!

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