Maintaining Your Homes Scent Until Your Next Scheduled Cleaning The Natural Way

At Sayclean we strive to be your go-to cleaning company, and pride ourselves on delivering the best cleaning experience to our clients. We use every bit of feedback from our clients to help build on our service. We treat your home with great respect and ensure that when we leave, we leave it looking immaculate and smelling spring fresh. But how do you keep your home fresh and clean until our next visit?

One of the easiest ways to do so is learning to scent your home using natural ingredients. There is nothing better than walking into bouquet of fresh spring scents. Avoid using toxic air fresheners, instead, using fruits, herbs and essentials oils help keep up the seascape of fresh aromas that will elevate your beach home.

Stove Simmers – if you are planning a dinner party or are having friends over for tea, using a stove simmer will give your home an instant aromatic boost. All you need is a pot of water on the stove, some citrus slices, herbs and essential oils. A lovely concoction for the season is lemon and lime pieces, bay leaves and cloves. Leave this to simmer on the stove for hours and the smells will permeate throughout your home.

Essential oil disks – Find some round wood offcuts (even old corks will work), add a few drops off essential oil and voila – you have yourself an instant room freshener! Place these disks to diffuse in different rooms. Try some Geranium, Lavender and Lime for a calming spring scent.

Homemade carpet powder – with spring comes sweaty, sandy feet and lots of pet hair! Keep your carpets fresh and clean between cleaning service visits by making your own carpet cleaning powder. Try the combination of Rosemary and Lavender – simply mix some bicarbonate of soda, fine chopped rosemary and lavender oil. Mix this all into a dry powder and sprinkle over your carpets. Leave this to rest for an hour and then vacuum it all up. The fresh smell will stay on your carpets for days.

Heating and cooling vents – this is one of the easiest way to have a fresh scent permeate throughout the house. Simply dab some essential oil on a clothing peg (try some orange and ylang-ylang) and clip this to the back of the air vent. When switched on, the vents will carry the aroma of the essential oils throughout the house.

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