School Starting In Laguna Hills it’s Time for a House Cleaning

Well the time has come and the little ones are headed back for the school year.  It may be time to do your research and schedule for a top rated house cleaning Laguna Hills area.  We want to give you that great sigh of relief and come home to a spotless, relaxing and most importantly healthy home.  After the summer months your home can surprisingly be infected with germ-hidden areas.  Throughout each day it is amazing what the researchers say the amount of traffic that comes and goes through your home.

Our team here at SayClean strives to keep every homeowner fully satisfied no matter the situation.  Providing the professionalism and outstanding satisfaction rate is what our main goal is when it comes to house cleaning in the Laguna Hills area is our specialty.  Building the trust with our clients and showing our example of what a true house cleaning is,  allows us to stand out from the rest.  We are raising expectations when it comes to deep cleaning homes.  We promise to ensure the purity of your home with each and every clean.  Allow SayClean the opportunity to prove what we can do and we hope to build a long lasting relationship with you for all you home cleaning needs.


House Cleaning Tips From Our Team  Spreading of Germs


What is the most germ traffic areas in your home?




The towels in your kitchen and bathroom tend to retain moisture for long periods of time. Not properly washing and treating towels will lead to germs striving and surviving throughout your entire home.  The most germ-infested objects in the house will need your attention and allowing the bacteria to spread isn’t good.  If you just think, when using a towel for your hands, body or face leads to the  spreading of germs everywhere.  This residue can and will lead to the growth of unwanted organisms.

Wash and replace all your towels at least every three or four days

Use vinegar in place of fabric softener to strip away odors and keep towels absorbent

Dip kitchen towels in a diluted bleach solution (two teaspoons of bleach per gallon of water and let dry)



Our hands are probably the biggest transporter of bacteria, spreading germs from objects and other people. According to a study, an average human hand manifests almost 150 varying species of bacteria. Ewwwww!

Wash your hands more often


Door knobs/handles

You walk in and out of your doors, open the fridge, search through the cabinets, having touched all kinds of surfaces, dirty or clean. Doorknobs and handles should be cleaned with an antibacterial or a diluted solution of bleach as these objects contain multiple types of germs due to the amount of activity they receive.

Disinfectant wipes to clean


The outspread of bacteria around the house can easily be maintained and the good news is that there are many bacteria that do not cause any harm. It is not hard to prevent these germs from spreading.  It is in fact a lot harder to managed the work and time needed after a long day to get motivated.  If you live in Laguna Hills or surrounding area house cleaning is what we specialize in.  Give us a try and feel free to call anytime.



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