Keeping your Beach House in Pristine Condition

Having a home on the beach can be a fun experience, keeping it clean however is not. Follow these easy tips to keep your Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, or Orange County beach haven in pristine condition, for all those unexpected visitors that come along with your prime location!

No shoes!

Implement a strict no shoes rule in the house. Tracking damp footprints through the foyer can be an annoyance to keep up with and makes sand stick to places you never would have thought of. Keep a cute mat by the side entrance where beach goers come in to remind them to remove their shoes. A nice shoe rack by the beach entrance can also be a helpful reminder to take off footwear before entering the house.

Towel trouble

Wet towels can be brought into your home and left to dry and deposit sand hills everywhere. If towels are going to be brought into the home immediately after use, have them tossed in the washer to avoid sand and yucky smelling damp salt water that can transfer to furniture. If possible leave an old-fashioned laundry line outside for towels to hang dry, or drape them over outdoor deck and balcony railings. Once the towels are completely air dried they can be shook out to make sure excess sand is removed and brought inside for cleaning.

Rinse and repeat

If you happen to have an outdoor shower you are in luck! But if the only available water source is your garden hose spigot, that works too. Have beach goers rinse off sandy feet, at least, before coming inside to avoid sand trails. If you do not have either of those water sources available checkout portable camping showers or fill a bucket up from a kitchen or utility sink for outdoor use. Rinsing and completely drying off outside is the most optimal plan to help keep the beach outside.

Opt for mesh beach bags

When toting beach toys, magazines, wine, and towels to and from the beach look for a mesh beach bag. Using a bag with so many tiny holes can help to remove extra sand on your walk back up to the house. Give the bag a good shake before entering your beach abode to help clear most of the sand from your tote.

Avoid carpeting

If you happen to move into a lovely beach house with carpeting by any entrance, have it removed! You will save yourself lots of time and frustration. Carpet can harbor moisture and sand that is very difficult to remove. When beach living, choose tile or well-sealed hard wood floors by entrances. These easy to clean surfaces will not hang onto water and sand, making cleanup much easier!

Enjoy your beach house to its full potential by following these simple steps. You will be able to spend more time down on the beach and less time cleaning up the remnants of your beach day inside. And even if everyone insists on tracking sand into the house, call SayClean so our beach house cleaning experts can restore your home back to its original non-sandy self.

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