Get Ready For Turkey Day! You Cook & We Will Clean

Thanksgiving Day is dedicated for friends and family to get together and spend quality time with one another, plus the benefits of a special meal. Im most all holiday gatherings, maintaining a clean and healthy home is very important, but most certainly isn’t a top priority. Hosting Thanksgiving can be a major job, ensuring everyone is happy and comfortable. For anyone that has ever hosted Turkey Day, they know that there is a lot of preparation involved. Our cleaning service in Orange County may not be able to assist with cooking, but we know we can most certainly assist you with one part of it. Contact SayClean for a free over the phone quote and get your holiday cleaning scheduled today. Below are a few tips to help you prepare for your holiday gatherings.

Preparation Home Cleaning Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving


  • Putting a welcome mat out will not only look great and welcome family members and loved ones, it will keep out a great amount of unwanted dirt. There are many inexpensive and easy cleaning mats to assist you will welcoming family in your home and keeping the germs out. To be extra helpful you can put a mat at all of your exterior doors.
  • Dusting off decorations can bring you with some unexpected cleaning. The most efficient way to rid the dust off your decorations would gently cleaning them with a duster, disposable wipe or sometimes even just using a vacuum with a soft dusting brush.
  • Clean windows are a wonderful way to reflect your homes beauty and show off some of your holiday décor. Keeping moist window wipes handy to make sure smear and smudges disappear in a flash. Window wipes are not only handy for glass, they are a great source to clean stainless steel, chrome, vinyl and plastic surfaces in your home. If in the need of a more detailed window cleaning, the team at SayClean is here for you
  • Stocking up on your favorite supplies for cleaning allows you to be well prepared for any messy situation that may occur. Think creative and place small refillable cleaning products around high traffic area’s such as bathrooms, living room side tables, or just a convenient cabinet. You can spend less time searching for cleaning supplies and ensure any cleaning situation is handled quick and easy.
  • Using your best linens for setting the holiday table can most always bring upon the worst of stains. For smaller spots and stains you can keep Shout Wipe & Go instant stain remover wipes or a Resolve stain stick available to take on any stain. After the main course of Thanksgiving you may want to take the time to pre soak your linens in the wash or you can learn more onhow to clean you linens if they require a more delicate touch.

These are just a few tips on how to prepare for Thanksgiving or any holiday at home. If you are in the need of a thorough residential cleaning service to help you get your home in shape before or after the holidays, contact SayClean – your trusted Orange County home cleaning team.

The most important thing to remember is that Thanksgiving is dedicated for quality time with family and loved ones. It is a great time for everyone to give thanks and strengthen relationships. Happy Thanksgiving!

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