Beware: 7 Spring Home Cleaning Mistakes We All Make

Once spring kicks in, there’s a ritual almost everybody does – spring cleaning! While you think you’re ready to do your routine this year, you might want to put some breaks to it.  Living in Orange County and especially along the coast the most  common mistake we all make is opening our windows at the wrong time.

If you want to feel the spring breeze, do not open your windows in the morning. You will be welcoming more pollen in your home at that time of the day, triggering most allergy attacks. Instead, you can do it later in the day or at night when pollen counts have decreased.

Surprisingly, that’s just one of the common spring cleaning mistakes you can make. Here are a few more to avoid:

1. Only Looking at Eye Level


After some dusting and sweat, you start to see that your house is squeaky clean but then you realize that there are cobwebs in the corners of your ceiling. Also, there is dust left in your ceiling fan. When you start addressing those missed spots, dust will scatter and fall on the things you have already cleaned. This is the reason why you should always look up first to see if there’s something that needs to be cleaned up there. Pay close attention to window ledges, bookshelves and crown molding.

2. Cleaning without a Plan


When you woke up, there was only one important thing in your mind and that’s to clean! But by midday you see that not one room has been cleaned thoroughly. This is why Newport Beach cleaning suggests that in order to get something done, you must break up your cleaning projects into smaller tasks.

It is wise to take care of the most difficult job first such as the kitchen, where you will be spending most of the time cleaning. Hitting the first achievement will create a momentum for your other tasks. What you can do to effectively carry out your tasks is to take breaks. Your cleaning can go on for days and that’s fine.

3. Using the Vacuum only as it is


You might have been avoiding that odd looking attachment that your vacuum has. While you’re not sure where you can use that, the crevice tool is good for hard to reach places. Be sure to use it when you clean the tight spots around the house.

4. Excluding the Mattress


Even though you spend so much time in your bed, your countertop has probably received more cleaning. Your bed can play host to millions of dust mites which can cause several respiratory conditions. Your bed serves as a buffet table for these little buggers. What you can do is use a vapor steam cleaner to eradicate them, or sprinkle some baking soda, let it sit and clean it up with a vacuum.

5. Making Use of Chemical Air Fresheners


Wanting to smell that spring breeze in your home isn’t a sin, but using an aerosol air freshener may be. It contains huge amounts of toxic pollutants that can trigger asthma, allergies and even affect hormone levels. This is why cleaners like Newport Beach cleaning services use friendlier fresheners and cleansers for your home.

6. Not Decluttering First


These spring cleaning tips are only useful when you declutter first. Put away your important stuff – paperwork, books – as well as your kids’ toys before starting the cleaning procedure. If not, you will just be giving another place for pollen and dust to latch into.

7. Dreading Spring Cleaning Services


Surely you can clean your own house, but there is an inevitability that you won’t have enough time – and patience – to do so. There’s no mistake in delegating your cleaning tasks. Moreover, professional cleaning services like Newport Beach cleaning are able to get rid of every dust, pollen and other dirt where you can’t reach it. Not only will you be breathing cleaner air, you will be giving your home the clean it really needs!

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