Hiring a Cleaning Company in Laguna Beach: What’s Your Free Time Worth?

Hiring cleaning services in Laguna Beach not only saves you the hassle of DIY home cleaning , it also frees up valuable time. So ask yourself, what would you do with more free time? Spend more time with your family? Spend more time doing hobbies? Walk your dog more often? Catch up on the latest Netflix original? Or perhaps a deep house cleaning? The latter is unlikely your first choice, but whether you live by yourself, or if you live with family, every home needs a house clean.

How much time do you spend on Home Cleaning in Laguna Beach?


We often hear phrases such as “time is money” or “you can’t buy time”, but can you? Information was gathered from a recent census about the amount of time spent doing household chores on a daily basis and the results may surprise you. According to this US Census, 70% of men and women spend about 2.5 hours a day doing some form of household work (mowing the lawn, household cleaning, cooking, etc.). This means that 912 hours per year are spent doing some activity equivalent to home cleaning, washing your car, or mowing your lawn. How does your lifestyle and the time you spend on home cleaning compare to the US Census results?

Is Home Cleaning the Most Important Service for Time and Money?


Paying for companies to provide all of these household services may not be cost effective for everyone, but in weighing out the benefits of each service, a home cleaning service may be your best option and within your budget. A regular home cleaning service can provide a healthier living environment by reducing the risk of illness, removing dust which can help with allergies and asthma, and can help remove harmful germs and bacteria. In addition to the health benefits, having a cleaning company provide your home cleaning will save you the most time. In reference to the US Census, the average male over the age of 15 spends 1.2 hours per week cleaning and females spend over 4 hours per week cleaning, more than every other household activity outside of cooking. So when weighing the options of which household service to pay for, home cleaning is a top priority when it comes to its health benefits and the amount of time you will save.

In Laguna Beach, Free Time Has its Benefits. Choose a Cleaning Company.


With beautiful hiking, beaches, restaurants, and art, there are few places to utilize your free time more.
By paying for the right cleaning service, not only will you be improving your home and living environment, you are essentially “buying time”. The question is not IF you should use a cleaning service, but more of WHAT you will do with your purchased time.

Make life easier and allow SayClean the opportunity to ensure your homes cleanliness today! We strive to make every cleaning as hands on as possible for you.

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