Easter Time: Tips to Prepare Yourself for Family, Friends, Food & Cleaning

Growing up, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays. I didn’t fully understand the meaning behind it, but it meant searching for candy filled eggs and seeing my grandparents. It signals that it’s finally spring time, there’s usually delicious food involved, and the pastel colored decorations are too cute to pass up. As an adult now, any holiday means clean up before and after the festivities, however. You’re in luck if you happen to live in SayClean’s range of service, including Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, and Aliso Viejo. We can take care of before and after cleanings so you can focus on keeping your crazy mother in law from feeding the kids too much candy. While SayClean takes care of the cleaning here are a few Easter prepping tips to keep you busy.

Don’t Forget the Meat!


The shining center piece of Easter dinner is usually the decadent meat course. Whether you choose to take on a delicious ham, succulent lamb roast, or a tasty chicken, do not leave it to the last minute! One year my mom forgot to pre-order my favorite honey baked ham, which led to my father and brother having to wait in a three-hour line. People are crazy about their holiday dinners, don’t underestimate the power of a seemingly sweet looking older lady when it comes down to the last chicken at the grocery store. She will take you out to make sure her famous garlic-herb roasted chicken makes it to Easter dinner. Do yourself a huge favor and plan ahead when it comes to the main course, you will save yourself time and help make the day a little less stressful.

Get an Accurate Head Count


There’s nothing worse than running out of food. Even though you’ve bought five pounds of potatoes and a fourteen-pound ham it’s still best to check in with everyone for unexpected added guests a few days beforehand. If your family is anything like mine, they have a funny way of springing surprise guests on you at just about every event. Whether your brother decides to bring his new boyfriend, or your mom forgot to tell you she invited all seven of your cousins, it’s always best to get the most accurate guest list at least a day in advanced.

Pack it Up


Set yourself up for success and stash away breakable or valued pieces that you do not want disturbed by your plethora of visitors, because that Versace vase looks like a prime Easter egg hiding spot to your five-year-old nephew. Use your fine china for Easter dinner with the adults, but if kids are involved add some less treasured pieces to the placements. If you are serving red wine don’t leave out the white throw pillows on the couch. Use common sense and save yourself the frustration of unnecessary messes.

Holidays can be some of the best memories. Enjoying friends, family, and good food is about as good as it gets. Hiring SayClean to clean your house in preparation of guests allows you the time to focus on what is really important. Take the extra time to prepare your feast, have fun with your relatives that you rarely see, and enjoy decorating your home. Leave the stress out of cleanup by scheduling SayClean for day after damage control, so you can enjoy leftovers! Make this Easter memorable for the right reasons, with no cleaning duty required.

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