Communication is Our Top Priority When Cleaning in Orange County

Communication is extremely important, especially when choosing a home cleaning service in Orange County. But not only is communication crucial at the beginning of a relationship, but failure to communicate effectively throughout can lead to stormy waters. Let’s take a moment to identify the 2 most common types of situations that would lead you to look for a new home cleaning service and then explain how both parties can communicate more effectively.

The first situation is a person who does not normally use a cleaning service, but some event has come up that is causing them to look. That event could be family or friends visiting, a party, or maybe moving in/out of their home. Let’s refer to these people as “Event Cleaning Customers”.

The second situation would be someone who has had a regular service in the past, but is looking to change cleaning companies because they are dissatisfied with some level of their service. Maybe the cleaners are becoming complacent and missing spots in their home that they used to get, or perhaps they are unreliable as to when they arrive. Let’s refer to these people as “Regular Cleaning Customers”. The two types of potential customers, Event Cleaning Customers and Regular Cleaning Customers should be communicating in different ways, but how?

The initial dialogue between you and the cleaning company that you are considering is in many ways an interview, especially if you are a person that is quick to pick up the phone and call. Many people do their due diligence before contacting any companies, whether that entails reading up on reviews/ testimonials, asking friends/neighbors about the company that they use, or browsing their website. So in a way, that research begins the “interview” process, but inevitably it leads to a conversation with one or several cleaning companies. During the interview process, you should be communicating specifically what is most important to you and what your expectations are to see if that company is a good fit, or if they even provide the type of service that you are looking for!

If you are an “Event Cleaning Customer”, you may not have much experience with these conversations or may not know what to expect. If this is the case, be sure to thoroughly explain your event. If you are having guests over, which rooms are most important? If you are moving out and the carpets are being cleaned the next day, perhaps you don’t want the home cleaners to spend time vacuuming if they are charging hourly.

If you are a Regular Cleaning Customer, communicate why you are changing service companies. Too many times customers will try and “test” a company rather than just communicate what they are looking for. If you are fed up with cleaners arriving well after the scheduled time, let the company know that! It sure beats eyeing your watch and waiting for a company to let you down. The more information that you can communicate on the initial call, the higher the chance you will be satisfied with the cleaning result.

Once you have chosen a cleaning company in Orange County and have had them come out for the first clean, you’re not finished yet! If it was a one time clean or an “Event Clean”, be sure to share feedback with the company or leave a review recapping your experience. Not only is that feedback valuable for the company in order to improve on their service or to continue with what they did well, but it also helps other people looking for a cleaning company in Orange County narrow down their search if you express positive or constructive feedback in the form of a review.

If you are a “Regular Cleaning Customer”, it is even more important that you give feedback because it will be a regular service and things may continue to go on that you are unhappy with if they are not communicated. What are some of the things they did well? What are some of the things they could improve on? Relaying constructive criticism and positive reinforcement will set the foundation for a long lasting, successful service relationship. As weeks and months go by, do not hesitate to reaffirm positive feedback and express areas that could be improved, it’s how companies learn and grow, and it’s how your service will improve!

Effective communication is crucial in order ensure that your expectations are met at the beginning and throughout. Communicate your expectations clearly and in a friendly manner, and you should have no problem finding a great cleaning service that fits you and your home!

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