Benefits of a Thorough Move Out Cleaning

Moving out of a rental or old home can be a very hectic time! You have a lot on your plate as it is, so why stress even more over cleaning? Once you have emptied your home or rental schedule SayClean for a top to bottom move out cleaning. We will ensure a thorough cleaning and save you the time and stress of having to clean on top of everything else you are juggling during a move. There are dozens of benefits of hiring SayClean for a move out cleaning, but here are a few of the top reasons.

Security deposit

For many renters moving out means the return of a security deposit. This usually hefty deposit is only returned if the space is left in the same condition (or better) than when you moved in. Hiring the professionals at SayClean will guarantee a deep clean top to bottom of your space for your landlord or next occupants to ogle at. Everything from the floors to the insides and outsides of appliances will be cleaned meticulously. This extensive clean will set you up for success when it comes to your move out deposit return. We can’t get you out of paying for the crack in the counter from when you tried to kill a spider with a baseball bat, but at least with a good move out cleaning from SayClean your landlord will hopefully grant you some of the deposit back!

Selling point

If on the other hand you are selling your home and moving out, a thorough move out cleaning can be a great selling point to potential buyers! Think about it, if you walked into a house for a viewing and it was not clean, would you want to buy it? Presentation is everything when it comes to selling a home, why do you think staging is a thing? So, hire SayClean to give your old home a good scrub down. Real estate agents love our company and use us all the time to prepare houses for the market, give yourself a leg up and call us for a move out cleaning first! You will appeal to more buyers and give the next occupants of your house a fresh start to build their new home from.

Save time!

Perhaps the most important aspect of hiring SayClean to perform your move out cleaning is the fact that it will save you time. Instead of having to scrub every crevice of your home and use valuable time that could be spent on other more important moving activities, hire SayClean to do the dirty work. Our trusted and experienced professionals can tackle just about any sized job and enjoy the cleaning process. They will efficiently and fully clean your home for the perfect move out experience. Use the time you would spend cleaning to unpack at your new home, organize your belongings for moving, or to enjoy a margarita after all your hard work! SayClean will take care of the cleaning so you do not have to stress about this huge task!

Moving is an exciting time, but also a busy time. Don’t fret over move out cleaning, simply schedule SayClean to handle the job. You are sure to be elated with the results and will definitely enjoy surpassing the cleaning process!


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    Nice blog. Useful and informative.

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    Excellent post. Thanks for sharing.

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    June 1, 2017 at 4:27 pm - Reply

    Moving house really a difficult job, it becomes more hectic when you have to make your new place clean. However, an expert can help in a precise way. Thanks for sharing.

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    July 18, 2017 at 8:08 am - Reply

    I agree with you that while moving rental home is a hectic job. There are many professionals who are expert in providing relocation. I have heard good reviews about moving company New York city who provides moving and cleaning services. I think hiring professionals can also be a good option.

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