5 Places to Find Hidden Allergens in Your Home: Cleaning Tips For Orange County Residents

Warmer weather means flowers, beach days, barbecues, and seasonal allergies. There’s nothing like enjoying a perfect spring day in Newport Beach, cleaning is the last thing on your mind. But, with all of the fresh spring pollen and allergens flying around it should be on the forefront of your thoughts. If you are looking to keep you and your family safe from these hidden allergen traps, hire SayClean to take care of the cleaning for you! Read about these 5 places that hide allergens and you won’t need any more convincing.

Rugs and carpeting


If you don’t vacuum your floor coverings at least once a week they can harbor a hefty amount of allergens (don’t worry SayClean offers weekly and bi-weekly cleaning plans.) Dust and pollen can easily be tracked into the house from shoes and transferred to the floor. Using a HEPA vacuum can be especially useful for eradicating hard to get to allergens lodged in your rugs or carpet.

Blinds and curtains


Window coverings often get forgotten. How frequently have you honestly cleaned your blinds or curtains since you moved into your home? Window coverings not only collect allergens from floating around inside your home, but also when you leave your windows open they collect allergens from outside. Curtains can be machine washed in most cases, or sent off to the dry cleaners seasonally to help prevent a surplus of allergens. Blinds can either be switched out frequently or dusted thoroughly to remove allergens.



Furniture can harbor all kinds of allergens and is often overlooked. Regularly vacuuming fabric upholstered chairs, couches, and ottomans can significantly reduce household allergens. If you are having significant dust mite problems leather can be a great alternative. Hot Orange County days can also produce a lot of humidity which can lead to more allergen problems with fabric furniture if not properly taken care of.

The fireplace


Now that it’s warming up it’s time for beach bonfires, but fireplaces inside can cause a hiding place for allergens. After a long fall and winter of using your fireplace for that cozy ambiance you love it needs a deep cleaning. Call in the experts to give your chimney a good sweep so you won’t have to deal with more allergen particles polluting your homes air.



Now, I’m not saying get rid of your precious pooch or feline friend, but if you are an allergy sufferer limit their reign of the house. Don’t allow your pets in your bedroom to give your body a break from fighting off pet dander while you sleep. Sweeping and vacuuming frequently throughout the rest of the house can also significantly help with pet allergies. Seasons changing can be a huge trigger for shedding in animals, so be sure to schedule regular SayClean appointments to stay on top of the extra fur and dander.

Orange County is known for beautiful beaches and plentiful outdoor activities, don’t waste time cleaning your house when you can simply call the experts at SayClean. Head out for a hike, or just a sun bathing session with your favorite book and leave the chores to the professionals. Don’t miss out on all of the sun in the forecast this week, plus have your home clean and allergen free to impress your guests this weekend!

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