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4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Cleaning Company

You can say a lot about a company by simply observing its environment. A clean, sanitary, and sparkling building inside and out will much more likely attract customers and employees than a messy, poorly maintained one. 

Being the company supervisor, the responsibility to ensure the workspace is kept in a squeaky-clean state falls on you. Unfortunately, it’s not the simplest of tasks. There are many professional cleaning services around you claiming themselves to be the best there is, and the mere act of choosing can be daunting.

You don’t want to end up entrusting your company with the wrong hands, do you? That is why, we, at SayClean, have dedicated ourselves to providing professional cleaning services that are perfectly suited to their needs. Having delivered the highest quality of clean to a wide range of industries for over 65 years now, suffice it to say that we have mastered the art of picking the best cleaning solutions for the company we serve, no matter how unique their needs may be. And it all starts with getting to know the cleaning company.

In this article, we’ll be sharing four important questions to ask a professional cleaning service so you can make sure that it’s the perfect fit for your company.

How is your training process?

While you want to work with a company that has years of proven experience, you also want to make sure that it prioritizes quality employee training. These employees are the ones doing the job, and you want them to be professional and well-equipped with advanced cleaning and safety techniques. Part of this question is also getting to know how frequently these employees undergo training, and who’s the one conducting it.

What facilities do you serve?

Cleaning services differ from one type of facility to another. With that in mind, cleaning companies that have served an industry similar to yours are the better option, for the reason that they are familiar with the needs that they’ll likely encounter in your facility. Consider what type of business you have. If your company is in the medical industry, ask the cleaning service if they’ve previously handled a healthcare facility so you know they have the expertise in providing the space with the frequent disinfecting it requires.

Do you offer specialized cleaning services?

Some facilities have needs that may not be present in others, so it’s crucial to know if your cleaning company has the ability and resources to adapt. Sure, a cleaning company might impress you with its wide array of services offered, but if your company environment has distinctive needs that require a more elaborate cleaning procedure, you’ll find more value in your money when you opt for those who can offer custom-tailored solutions.

What supplies and equipment do you use?

Of course, you want to get the best value for your money, so you have every right to be meticulous about the supplies and equipment that a professional cleaning service will use for your facility. Try to find out the quality of their equipment by asking if it’s environmentally friendly and minimizes noise. You can also inquire where they buy cleaning products. Are they locally made? Eco-friendly? Don’t hesitate to ask about these important things before deciding to choose a service.


While this list only gives you the most important factors to consider when choosing a professional cleaning service, there is still a lot you should know when it comes to finding and booking services essential for your company’s overall cleanliness. Learning about their price quotes, availability, references from other clients is also a crucial step to a guaranteed satisfactory service. 

If you’re looking for a team to help you maintain your company at its most presentable and healthiest condition, feel free to talk to us at SayClean to know how we can work together!